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The secret of the reversed N (1/2)

Several authors have revealed the existence of reversed Ns, with the Torkain site doing the census.
In his well-documented book ("RENNES-LE-CHATEAU, CLE DU MERIDIEN
MAGIQUE?"), Denis Boudaille mentions the reversed N in the signature of the painter INGRES at the bottom of his painting entitled "Oedipe et le Sphinx".

1° - The name INGRES lends itself to several anagrams that are very instructive, of which we will note N-REGIS, SIGNE-R, and possibly IS-REGNE.
+ SIGNE-R could put the reader onto the track of one of the mage Cagliostro's four secrets...
+ N-REGIS could have two readings:
   - REGIS reading Jesus Christ (REGO = King and IS designating
Iesous), while "N" designates the golden number 1,618. This sends us to the solution of " FIRST REVELATION" p.155 and following.
   - REGIS could also read "Saviour King", designating a future Great Monarch, saviour of the world; "N" could also read phonetically "Enn", which designates the god Enn of Antiquity, multiform like the god Pan (PAN = ALL), suggested by the Shepherds of Arcadia...
The two readings could coexist, one in Alet and the other in Arques;
the secret society designated under the name "A.A." must be remembered.

2° - The solution of the reversed N is very, very simple and resembles the egg of Christopher Columbus; to understand the reversed N, all that is needed is to read the normal "N" correctly; the key is arithmetic...


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