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Meaning of the countryside located behind the baptistery

The countryside located behind the baptistery of the Rennes-le-Château Church represents swampy land which corresponds to the definition of the named site "L’Homme mort" ("The dead man"), defined by the Abbé Boudet's book, pp.237-38.
"This is swampy land, producing abundantly a gramen whose long stalks
are perfectly smooth and without nodes: this gramen bears, in the Languedoc dialect, the name wood straw, and in Celtic, that of swamp or haummoor (haum = straw + moor = swamp) straw. This denomination of haum-moor, applied throughout Gaul to marshy lands, was denatured and distorted everywhere until it became an 'homme mort'."

Q: Where is this place suggested by the countryside?
: At the foot of the baptistery can be read Alpha and Omega, the letters that designate Jesus (but also the Lord); we have indicated that the Greek Alpha and Omega are equivalent to the letters Aleph and Thav (in Hebrew), whose contraction gives ALE-TH.
The countryside located behind the baptistery is the named site "L'Homme
Mort", situated beside the hamlet of Saint Salvayre, behind Alet. Since "Salvayre" means "Saviour", L’Homme mort designates Jesus Christ...


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