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The traffic in masses, or the toppled trap

The accusation against the Abbé Bérenger Saunière by Mgr de Beauséjour, Bishop of Carcassonne and successor to Mgr Billard, protector of Saunière, concerned essentially a traffic in masses; put plainly, Saunière might have earned substantial revenues for masses that he might never have celebrated.

Q: Would this have made him guilty, and excluded putting at his disposal considerable sums of money coming from a treasure?
: The Abbé Saunière, charged with diverting attention to himself,
benefited from the generous gifts of Boudet, who had rediscovered the treasure of Arques. In order to justify his spending and launder his money, the curé Saunière had no other alibi than to incite masses... He made a gift of "moonlighting money" in order to receive by way of compensation the amount of his mass money, certain of the indulgence of his hierarchy.
Summoned to answer the questions of his new Bishop, the Abbé Saunière was
unable to retract, and Boudet stopped his payments.
The end of the "black years" (end-1915) cannot be explained by payments coming from Austria (in the middle of wartime), but rather by the revelation of the secret of Boudet (died 30 March 1915), following a waiting period of several months so as to not arouse suspicions.

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