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The Missing Bow

1° - In "FIRST REVELATION", p.183, we noted that the picture of Delacroix, painted in 1861 and which is in the chapel of the angels ("Jacob fighting with the angel") in the St Sulpice church, contains the secret of the location of the tomb of Jesus Christ in Alet-les-Bains.
In order to fight with the angel, Jacob lay his arms down on the ground, and in the foreground we can see a shield, a lance and a quiver, but
the bow is invisible...

2° - The statue of Minerva ("THE FIRST REVELATION", p.220), which is in the main square in Alet-les-Bains, also harbours, in the form of a puzzle, the secret of the location of the tomb of Jesus Christ (MINERVA being read "Mine-R-Va" or "Va aire mine" = "Go to the mine area"). Here again, Minerva holds a lance, while a quiver lies at her feet, but the bow is missing…

Q: What is the solution to these puzzles?
"What is not in Alet is found in Arques."

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