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The Secrets of Arsène Lupin
"Can TRUTH not be spoken in the same tone as a LIE?" Maurice Leblanc.

In "LA COMTESSE DE CAGLIOSTRO", Maurice Leblanc reports that the Gagliostros have a small magic mirror inherited from the father, on which is inscribed the enumeration of the four great enigmas; the one who finds it will be the king of kings, that is, King of the World.
Here is the list:

-In robore fortuna.
-The flagstone of the kings of Bohemia.
-The fortune of the kings of France.
-The candelabra with seven branches.

1° - The fortune of the kings of France was discovered by A. Lupin in the novel "L’AIGUILLE CREUSE", published in 1908-1909.
In the novel, entitled "HERLOCK SHOLMES ARRIVE TROP TARD" (Book
1, pp.259-276), Lupin discovers the combination of the chest leading to the hollow needle.

2° - The flagstone of the kings of Bohemia is discovered by A. Lupin in the novel "L’ILE AUX TRENTE CERCUEILS", published in 1919.
The secret of the enigma is the discovery of a radioactive floor slab. The
action takes place near Rennes (Brittany), in the region of the rhédons, referring to near Rennes in the south France.
On the island of Sarek (giving the anagram Arkes = Arques) is the "Prieuré", separated in two by a huge cut which, in our view, is the zero
meridian (and not an allusion to the rupture of the Elm of Gisors in 1188).
There are three large cuts, the zero meridian, the mid-Atlantic dorsal
that passes through the St Pierre and St Paul islands (SP), and the milky way, which cuts the heavens in two.

3° - In robore fortuna:
- The solution to this enigma (The fortune is in the Oak tree) is
discovered by Dorothée in the novel "DOROTHEE DANSEUSE DE CORDES",
published in 1923.
-The same secret is encoded in "LA DAME BLONDE " (Book I, pp.809-827).

4° - The candelabra with seven branches:
The secret of this enigma,discovered by A. Lupin, is revealed in "LA COMTESSE DE CAGLIOSTRO",a novel published in 1923-1924.
Maurice Leblanc arranged that the departure point of the four enigmas
was published last...
Monseigneur de Bonnechose, inheritor of the secret of Alcor (novel), is
none other than the former Bishop of Carcassonne and patron of Mgr Billard, his successor, who nominated and protected Bérenger Saunière, as revealed by Patrick Ferte...
Arsène Lupin, born in Blois, can only be the King of Blois, an allusion
to the Great Monarch cited in the prophecies of Nostradamus and Saint Césaire.

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