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The tomb at Les Pontils

The tomb at Les Pontils was described for the first time by Gérard de Sède in 1972, and destroyed several years later by the owner of the land. All the Poussin specialists are unanimous in affirming that the painter's trips were known on a day-by-day basis, and that he would never have come to the region. Patrick Ferté offered a satisfactory reply on p.123 of his book: "ARSENE LUPIN, SUPERIEUR INCONNU".

Q: Since the tomb described by Gérard de Sède was built only at the start of the 20th century, would a tomb have existed at the same place in Poussin's time?
: Nothing can exclude this, and it is very likely that if this tomb
existed, it was empty, through allusion to the tomb of Christ... This would have been a question of a cenotaph (from the Greek: kenos = empty and taphos = tomb).
"A tomb raised in memory of a dead person, and which does not contain his

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