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(BOOK VI, p.27)

Georges GIRARD, Jean CONTRUCCI and several researchers have asked themselves whether Emma Calvé had heard of the book of Abraham the Jew before buying Cabrières in October 1894, and whether this may have influenced her decision.
It is extremely perturbing to note that the "Livre de Cabrières" never alluded to the possible presence of this marvel, made of Papyrus leaves according to Georges GIRARD, but this deliberate concealment could be one way of turning attention away from it...
The huge works undertaken by Emma Calvé to restore Cabrières, of necessity preceded by demolition work, may only have served as an alibi and a way of hiding discreet excavations. Did she find "l’Asch Mezareph" ("The very word of Hermes"), certified host of Cabrières:

According to Pierre BOREL (1655) (Counsellor and doctor to the King), who cited it on pages 160 and 161, tome 2 (Paris, 1655) of his book entitled

According to Georges GIRARD, p. 194, one might say that this book was:
"That which an angel might have presented in a dream to the alchemist Nicolas FLAMEL, and that an old man might have come to propose that she buy it shortly after."

According to Jean CONTRUCCI, p. 209:
"Nicolas FLAMEL, who may have possessed it, might have said that thanks to it he might have come to the "Great Work", that is, the discovery of the secret of the "Philosopher's Stone"."

According to Nicolas FLAMEL* this book was:
"golden, very old and very large...made from slender bark...it contained three times 7 leaves...Its cover was in slender copper, all engraved with strange letters and figures..."
In reality, the famous Nicolas FLAMEL never existed; it was Jean FLAMEL, secretary of Jehan d’ARRAS, author of "L’HISTOIRE DE MELUSINE", at the request, as Patrick Ferté reports (p.434), "of the Duc Jean de Berry for his sister Marie, in fact Duchess of Bar...wife of Robert, 1st Duc de Bar and sovereign of Stenay

In fact, the "Philosopher's Stone" was none other than the "Grail" hidden in the cavern at Arques (we have the proof of this), whereas the affirmation of FLAMEL "N" (and not Nicolas) was only an alibi concealing his discovery of the Templar Treasure.



* Nigel WILKINS (p.92)


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