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rennes le chateau, la revelation

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(BOOK V, p.76)

A seal is for sealing; it thus contains symbolically that which is hidden. Alain DESGRIS confirms our REVELATION in his book "LE LIVRE DES MYSTERES ET REVELATIONS", when he writes on page 121:

"All the symbolism of the Order seems to point in this direction: the Knights Templar were guardians..."

And on page 373:
"No one ever claimed the most obvious, the most simple thing imaginable; that of guarding an immeasurable deposit of a sacred nature, drawing its essence in Christ, as announced since the beginnings of the world."

In his book, Alain DESGRIS suspected...the existence of the two JESUS.
The seal of the Order of the Temple in fact represents two knights on the same horse, which gave rise to a certain number of questions still unresolved to this day.
The existence of the two knights confirms, in our view, the ensemble of the five hypotheses formulated by Alain DESGRIS on pages 116-122 of his book.
Hypothesis no. 2: "Existence of two Jesus" (who are neither twins nor brothers).
Hypothesis no. 5: "The Templars are guardians."
Hypothesis no. 4: "The Templars also guard the ARK"
(one table of the law represents one Grail, and two tables of the law would represent two Grails).

On page 260, he writes in sound fashion:
"The Templars could not only indicate: that they could have been designated or considered themselves as the new guardians", which would make it possible to accredit the baphometic figures as representing
ambivalent occult forces, where the separation of the good God and the bad God would be left to the appreciation and the freedom conceded to everyone."

This is corroborated by the two other hypotheses.
Hypothesis no. 1: "The double nature of Jesus." In reality, the one PILATE crucified was the GOOD Jesus, whereas Jesus BAR-ABA of Rennes-le-Château, secretly guarded by the Templars, would incarnate EVIL.
Hypothesis no. 3: "The second knight represents the Devil."
This is why the question on page 260 is judicious.
"Could the Templars be (Symbolically), the guardians of the evil Serpent?" This Serpent, black Dragon, Beast, Antichrist, is awakening today...  
Did Alain DESGRIS not write with intuition on page 261?

"After this, he must be released for a short while." Apoc.


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