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rennes le chateau, la revelation

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In the church of Rennes-les-Bains is a painting of a pieta depicting Christ brought down from the Cross; this painting is the REVERSED copy of a picture by the painter Van DYCK, exhibited in the museum of fine art in ANVERS (Antwerp).

The name of this painting is "Christ and the Hare", and is supposed to contain a secret*.
With a lot of imagination, it is possible to make out the representation of a hare in Christ's knee, but this does not bring us close to a solution.

The true secret of this painting is not contained in its representation, but in its title:
Since the scene has been reversed, and in addition the word ENVERS (ANVERS) is suggested, it is obvious that the title must be read in reverse** (à l'envers) in order to understand the meaning of the painting...

 The solution is a phonetic puzzle: "Le Lièvre EST Le Christ" (The Hare is Christ).
"Lever un  lièvre" (to start a hare) means, symbolically, to make an unexpected and very important discovery.


The "lièvre" levé  represents the discovery of the

* See "RENNES-LE-CHÂTEAU", Jean MARKALE (pp. 71-72).
** Patrick FERTE, in his notes on p. 509 ("ARSENE LUPIN SUPERIEUR INCONNU"), observes that:
"The key to the enigma of "L’HOMME DU 4 MARS" lies in the image inversion.



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